Why Choose Us

We instil in our members to be “Elite” everyday. To us being “Elite” is the constant pursuit of improvement towards better performance day in and day out.

We understand that to find true health and well-being requires more than just physical fitness. Yes, we will get you physically fit but at the same time its crucial that we teach you  the skills and tools for improving your mental, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual performance as well as physical performance.

Our philosophy we strive for all our members to adopt is;


This means ultimately every decision we make throughout the day should benefit us in the long-term first and foremost, rather than just reacting in the moment and seeking immediate gratification at any cost.

We deliver these tools through 3 modes

  1. Performance coaching- Delivered either 1-on-1 with one of our Performance Coaches or in a group setting either within a gym/fitness centre or at an outdoor location. These sessions are focused on physical performance, delivered by our performance coaches
  2. Events and Workshops- Here we bring the latest and highest quality information regarding mental, social, intellectual and spiritual performance from leading experts in their field. Our events deliver simple tools that can be implemented into your daily life to bring about the change you desire.
  3. Ongoing support tools- We deliver ongoing support and inspiration through our weekly blogs, videos and podcasts to provide you with the necessary resources for constant improvement and Elite performance.