Member Stories


In the beginning, I thought I had rocks in my head; friends claim I’m a glutton for punishment. And I though I’d cark it mid-way through the session. I’ve been doing core sessions and 1-on-1 sessions with The Elite Hour for almost 2 years as the abs was the area I wanted to strengthen. However with the coaches’ encouragement and persistence, and the mateship with the other members, I’ve made it out alive this far.


I really enjoy participating in my physical exercise sessions, both from a fitness and a companionship perspective. Having been a PE Teacher and active sports player prior to my life changing accident, I am aware of the benefits of keeping fit. I look forward to my twice weekly sessions with The Elite Hour as a means of having an improved quality of life, taking into account my circumstances.


When I first started with The Elite Hour I had hit a plateau in weight loss, had poor form and no confidence to train in the gym. After only a month of training I had a change in mindset, form and my body was starting to shift. The Elite Hour were the first coaches/trainers to show me that being healthy is not going to they gym 7 days a week for 3 hours at a time and eating 800 calories. They taught me it was a lifestyle, not calorie restriction or slaving in the gym for hours on end. The Elite Hour coaches’ have a perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programs, professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to their work and to their members. It is like nothing I had experienced previously with other trainers and coaches and it shows in my results.


When I started training with The Elite Hour my main goal was to improve my core strength and improve my aerobic fitness to better equip me for the demands of my job. I achieved these goals fairly rapidly and have since seen my entire health and fitness dramatically improve. I am faster, stronger, leaner than I have ever been. Exercise and physical activity is no longer a chore but a reward to myself. The Elite Hour has instilled in me to never “sacrifice long term happiness for short term pleasure”.


I realised for the past weeks, months and years my body has changed drastically all thanks to your training. motivation, energy, advice and company. Even though I complain a little that the weights are heavy and how sore I am. Please make me “beast mode” stronger to your abilities and looking forward to our gym coaching sessions.


Just over 18 months ago I was read my last rights and those closest to me said their farewells as I lay in a hospital bed in a coma. Since then, with the help of The Elite Hour, I have changed my approach to my health and fitness and don’t take any day for granted. Recently I achieved a new PB (personal best) on the bench press of 150kg of 3 reps. I am thankful for the support of the coaches who have guided me towards my new found health and well-being.


I have been doing Core Sessions and 1-on-1 sessions with The Elite Hour and their great coaches for over 2 years. I so love the Core classes as I find it helps me to keep fit  and motivated.  The coach’s energy levels motivate me and his passion for fitness is absolutely inspirational. Sometimes angels walk into your life disguised as normal people. In my life its The Elite Hour. They have managed to transform my life forever, both physically & mentally. So big thanks to you The Elite Hour from the very core of my heart for your constant attention & overpowering motivation.