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Delivering performance coaching in a Brisbane gym for over 3 years I have come across many different types of people and their attitudes and motivation towards health and exercise. Before getting started and meeting with myself many have already decided what is the best type of training best for them based on what I call […]

“Why do we persist to encourage ‘failures’ and discourage prevention?” The past weekend I completed the Raw Challenge on the Gold Coast Hinterland. It is an 8km obstacle course designed to push yourself out of your comfort zone and for many the true achievement is to complete each obstacle as best you can and finish […]

“Because sometimes, we just don’t have it all together.” I find in my own personal journey towards elite health and fitness, I go through periods where I am absolutely “crushing it!” My eating is spot on, I am training hard every day, I’m getting ample quality sleep and I’m even reading a few books each […]

The benefits of physical activity on physical wellbeing are well known (strengthen bones and muscles, reduce risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and some cancers), but what about the benefits upon ones level of intelligence and more specifically the ability to understand, retain and utilise newly learnt knowledge and skills. Phillip Tomporowski and colleagues […]

If you have been inside a gym facility of any kind I’m sure you’ve seen people rattling their shakers and downing protein shakes pretty much as soon as they leave the gym floor. Why do so many gym goers consume protein? The Science behind Protein When you train a muscle you put it under stress […]

Shannon has been a trainer for over 5 years and for the last 18 months she has added being a mum to her responsibilities. As an exercise and health professional Shannon has ensured to keep up her own exercise and health regime. Shannon shares with us her top tips for exercising when time and equipment […]