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The Real Health and Fitness Blog (September 15th)

“Because sometimes, we just don’t have it all together.”

I find in my own personal journey towards elite health and fitness, I go through periods where I am absolutely “crushing it!” My eating is spot on, I am training hard every day, I’m getting ample quality sleep and I’m even reading a few books each week to feed my mind. This is a product of getting myself into a productive and achievement oriented headspace achieved by a great daily routine. For the first time in around 2 months, I am back in a killer routine. This week has been the most productive, in terms of taking myself closer to my personal and professional goals, since the end of July.

When I am in a good routine, most days are pretty similar, except weekends. But my eating stays pretty much the same all week. I eat the same for lunch and dinner every day. Its why when I’m in a routine I get solid results because I find what works and just keep doing it. Also eating the same thing every day takes the guesswork out of eating and is financially friendly.

I did have a few slip ups throughout the week. My 2 biggest downfalls are; Crunchy Peanut Butter and Chicken Nuggets. Peanut butter I simply cannot have in the house as I have been known to eat an entire jar in 1 sitting (a little embarrassing to admit but I have eaten an entire jar (500g) in 1 sitting on 4 separate occasions). I just bloody love the stuff. This week my mum gave me a large (780g) jar of peanut butter on Sunday and by Thursday I had finished the jar. I will not be buying peanut butter anytime soon, and to everyone else, “please do not buy me peanut butter, I cannot control myself around it!”

Even though I consumed a whole jar of peanut butter and a packet of chicken nuggets (which I will not go into) I am really pleased with this week’s progress towards elite health and fitness. I was not close to perfect but I was better than I was last week. That’s what being elite is about, Constant And Neverending Improvement (CANI). This week I improved.

Til next week,

Matt Johnson

P.S. Share with us and others in the Elite Hour community how you improved yourself this week compared to last. Comment your improvements below.

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